3 Reasons Why Fake Flowers are Better Than Real Flowers

3 Reasons Why Fake Flowers are Better Than Real Flowers

When it comes to decorations, two of the most popular options that many people choose to have in their homes are real flowers and fake flowers. While both of these decorations are great, fake flowers have some important advantages over real flowers. Here are three of the most significant advantages that fake flowers have over real flowers. 

They do not need to be watered 

Unlike real flowers that only look their best when properly maintained and watered, fake flowers look their best at all times. This means that you never have to worry about taking care of fake flowers and watering them on a regular basis. Forgetting to water your real flowers can result in them dying. In fact, the average plant parent has killed 7 plants due to a lack of proper care, including watering. If you have fake flowers, then you never have to worry about accidentally killing them if you forget to water them.

They last longer 

Many real flowers only last for a few days or a few weeks once they are cut and put in a vase. For example, roses, one of the most expensive flowers, only last for about a week when they are in a vase and put on display. Fake flowers on the other hand last forever. So, you can proudly display your fake flower arrangement 24/7, 365 days a year. Don’t you want to show your flowers off all the time instead of just for a week!

They do not attract insects 

Many insects such as bees, flies, lady beetles, and certain kinds of wasps can all be attracted to real flowers. This means that if you keep real flowers in your house for prolonged periods of time, then you could see a rise in the number of insects that make their way into your home. Not only can this be annoying, but it can be highly problematic if anyone in your home is allergic to these insects. Fake flowers on the other hand do not attract insects because they do not give off the scents that real flowers do. 


Fake flowers are extremely beautiful and provide an array of advantages over real flowers. The three mentioned in this post are just a few of the many benefits of fake flowers compared to real flowers. If you would like to add some beautiful fake flowers to your home, then consider adding them from Flowers of Pot. Flowers of Pot offers beautiful potted fake flowers that resemble marijuana plants. They come in an array of pot colors. 

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