Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most joy to our everyday lives. That’s the idea entrepreneur and cannabis business advocate Adrienne Uthe is counting on with her latest venture, Flowers of Pot. The company’s line of potted silk cannabis plants is designed to spark conversation and bring style to any living room, bedroom, office, or dining area. More than a business that sells potted pot, Flowers of Pot hopes to spread a more altruistic message, encouraging people to stay inspired.

Adrienne is fiercely passionate about the untapped power of cannabis to change peoples’ lives for the better. “It’s always been my mission to connect the cannabis industry to the rest of the world,” says Adrienne. “I’m laser-focused on preserving the integrity of the plant and all of the wisdom that comes with it but also adapting and taking advice from other, more established industries. My aim with Flowers of Pot is connecting the cannabis and home décor trends – if you’re enriching your space with a faux plant, why not have it be cannabis? We’re giving people a thoughtful way to show that they’re an innovator, they support new ideas, and they’re inspired on their path.”

Adrienne is a seasoned consultant and cannabis executive. Until April of 2020, she served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB).  There she directed development, strategy, and execution to help licensed cannabis businesses thrive in the emerging industry. Adrienne left the group to start Kronus Communications, a full-service communications and consulting firm focused on shaping messages, building brands, and educating the public about emerging issues and trending narratives. After assembling a strong virtual team that includes her husband, Eric Burleigh, an experienced entrepreneur and consultant himself, Adrienne began directing product development, government affairs and PR initiatives around cannabis products and issues. As many cannabis-related businesses traverse through the misconceptions, Adrienne and the Kronus team help control and shape narratives to help debunk misinformation around cannabis usage.

Since state regulation and public attitudes about cannabis have started to shift, the market for it has skyrocketed at a record-breaking rate. In 2019 alone, the U.S. legal cannabis market generated $13.6 billion in revenue and provided over 340,000 people with a livelihood. By the end of 2020, 35 states had declared cannabis legal for medical consumption; 15 have allowed it for recreational purposes.

While a portion of the population remains adamant on their stand against cannabis products, Adrienne is working to shed light on the plant’s value and provide education that increases market trust. When she isn’t doing that, Adrienne builds up her venture—Flowers of Pot—which continues to propagate throughout the world. The e-commerce company now has products in three key markets: the United States, Canada, and Australia.

“For those who aren’t that familiar with cannabis, Flowers of Pot is a way to start the dialogue, to get people thinking about it and questioning their own ideas about it,” notes Adrienne. “For those that are cannabis fans, I want our products to remind them of happy memories they’ve had with cannabis. The goal is really to remind people to stay inspired and do things that bring them joy.”

Adrienne Uthe plans to keep pushing the agenda for more acceptance for cannabis businesses and promoting the benefits of using the product with proper regulation. Learn more about Adrienne by visiting the Flowers of Pot and Kronus Communications websites.